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What Our Clients Say

“It’s been helpful for me to use the tools presented in class. Everything I learned has transformed how I build relationships with clients all while earning their trust. As a result, my clients have been referring more of their family and friends to me. Looking back, the relationship building model has revolutionized how I approach every situation and it taught me to remain curious throughout my clients’ lives as relationship cycles progress.”

Vice President, Financial Consultant

“Thank you to IPG for digesting our strategy and building a curriculum that kept our group engaged throughout the day. Feedback has been phenomenal.”

Vice President, Sales

“I feel like I am a better coach and salesperson from taking IPG’s training. I had a ton of fun in the training classes and hope that there is an opportunity down the road to get to do more training with IPG. My boss has been asking all of us managers for our input on the training and I have given IPG an A+++. I truly think that Boise would be a better sales company if we continue with IPG’s program.”

Sales Manager

“Many companies have a training “event” and it is a one and done and there is no follow-up or reinforcement that drives a true change in behavior over time. The beauty of what IPG does is create a continuum of learning. IPG’s approach is to drive a change in behavior through a learning process that begins with the acquisition of new skills and then through coaching and reinforcement, arrive at development of a habit that becomes ingrained in the culture and fabric of what one does on a day to day basis.”

VP, ETRS Learning & Development

“We are so impressed with the content, delivery and engagement of the Client Engagement Skills initiative. The workshop met all of my key objectives and more importantly exceeded the attendee expectations. I have no doubt that this workshop in addition to the continued leadership coaching will absolutely help enhance the team’s current client engagement/management skill set, which is our ultimate goal for this team. I look forward to partnering with IPG on future initiatives. I really do believe there are few vendors that deliver the way IPG does. In my opinion, the IPG team is by far the best when it comes to customized delivery (pre, during and post).”

Associate Director, Distribution Learning and Development


“Over the past year, IPG has designed and delivered two ongoing virtual training programs for our company. They have been rated as the top two programs in Learner Effectives Score out of all the virtual programs in the organization. I appreciate all that IPG has done for the success of the CARE: BTR program. It’s made a huge difference across UnitedHealthcare!”

Sr. Program Manager, Learning and Development

“A financial representative from a large retail brokerage firm identified a client opportunity during training with whom they could apply their new relationship-building skills. For this client situation, the financial representative used the Address Concerns: CARmodel™ as a tool to clarify their concern and gain a better understanding for why the client was reluctant to move forward with their solution. By using the Address Concerns: CARmodel™, the financial representative uncovered the real reason behind the client’s concern. It was only by using the Address Concerns: CARmodel™ that the financial representative was able to move the relationships forward with this client, which resulted in the acquisition of $686K in net new assets, with the potential for an additional $1.3M from the client’s spouse. The skills learned in the training helped the financial representative deepen this client relationship and open the door to more business.”

Branch Manager, Large Brokerage Firm

“It is always such a pleasure to work with the entire IPG team. Not only are your people great – but what you do WORKS and makes a true difference in people’s success! I truly appreciate the ongoing partnership – and look forward to working with you further as we continue to evolve the skills of our people.”

Executive Director, Global Enterprise Learning
Technology Company

“This was simply the best program of its kind that I have attended in my 33-year career. I learned several things that will help me become a better leader and I know you will, too.”

President and CEO
Cambridge Savings Bank

“Rick just closed 200% above his goal. He was the first to credit EDGE Training with helping him close this deal. The training reminded him to take a second look at the situation, particularly during the ‘Gain Commitment’ phase. The clients initially presented themselves as ‘self-directed.’ However, a deeper discussion of what is most important to them, combined with an approach tailored to their goals while presenting the solution, triggered them to realize they really do need additional help and that they would not be ‘giving up control’ of the portfolio.”

Manager, VP Sales
Charles Schwab

“Thank you for the incredible opportunity to be a part of the Building Trusted Relationships Pilot!  Honestly, I arrived for the training a skeptic and left as a believer.  My belief in this program became even stronger this morning when I took my first call. The CFO of a large cardiology practice said he didn’t feel the partnership with us, and said that we owe him several million dollars. Immediately, hours of the BTR training flashed before my eyes and over the next five minutes I began to build a relationship with this gentleman and his practice.  Ending the call with appreciation for his patience, a thank you for working to partner with us, and reiteration of what my next steps were to be, I was ready to debrief myself on what I could have done differently and what I did appropriately.  We rarely receive training that immediately becomes relevant and useable – Well done!”

Manager, Provider Relations

“I wanted to thank you for your time this week regarding Sales EDGE Training.  I definitely benefited from the class and will build upon the skills presented this week moving forward.  This was by far the best sales class that I have attended in my career in terms of content and presentation from the instructors.  As well as thanking you, my hope is that you take away that your efforts make a difference in teaching this class and are appreciated by the students who attend it.”

Manager, Business Development
Evoqua Water Technologies

“Debra, a Universal Banker, was at 59% of her quota for the second quarter of 2015.  After her participation in the Consultative Sales and Service Pilot two weeks ago, she is now at 300% of her goal!”

Manager, Banking Center
Webster Bank

“Our sales team overwhelmingly agreed that this was the single best sales training program. Having been in sales within the financial services industry for 25 years, I’ve participated in many sales training programs as a sales professional and as a sales manager. I can say without hesitation that IPG set itself apart from the competition. They listened to our needs, designed a highly customized sales program to align with our client scenarios, and delivered a program that made an immediate impact on our team’s sales effectiveness. Impact Performance Group greatly exceeded our expectations!”

Director, Small Business Center
Sun Life Financial

“I continue to hear outstanding feedback from the pilot participants for Leadership and Coaching.  It is really creating some buzz within the Company. A number of participants have described it to others as ‘the best training they have been to.’ “

Senior VP, Head of Retail Banking
Santander Bank N.A.


“Last April we selected Impact Performance Group to help us create the BJ’s Leadership Academy. This initiative represents an unprecedented investment in developing our managerial talent. We chose IPG because we were impressed with their willingness and ability to create a highly customized program that could be effective within all three of our distinct environments at BJ’s: our corporate home office, the Whole Clubs, and our Distribution Centers. IPG delivered an excellent curriculum on time, within budget, and has been a trusted business partner every step of the way. We look forward to many years of working with IPG, and we give them our highest recommendation.”

Manager of Talent Development
BJ’s Wholesale Club, Inc.

“IPG helped us increase sales by 20% in the first six months of implementing a consultative sales process, skills and coaching discipline for our Product and Support Consulting Group. We were able to improve Financial Advisor sales participation in wealth management products by 30%.”

National Consulting Director, Product & Support Consulting
UBS Financial Services, Inc.

“Since implementing the coaching and service and sales training in our region, our cross sell ratios have almost doubled in just a few months. The coaching and service and sales programs have been a huge success from the top of the organization on down. Our Regional Vice Presidents and Regional Operating Managers are acting as role models and getting out to our branches more frequently to coach and provide support. Our Branch Managers and Customer Service Managers say IPG’s coaching process allows them to feel more empowered, more in touch with what is going on with their team members, and less operationally focused. Our tellers are more connected with our platform representatives – they are asking what more they can do or ask the customer to help the platform sell additional products and services.”

Regional Sales Manager
Zions Bank


“Impact Performance Group has professionally presented, trained, and influenced our sales organization. The material and its content are well organized and reflect our sales situations and challenges. The Energy Group’s sales organization penetrates deeper, at a higher level, with sound objectives and a better understanding of getting to the value proposition of our customers. Our sales organization is not the same: It is more professional, mature, and has a better understanding of business-to-business relationships. The workshop is FUN and is producing RESULTS!”

Sales Manager, The Energy Group
Kennametal, Inc.


“We needed a consistent Bank of New York sales approach to our High Net Worth clients and prospects. IPG worked with us to develop that process, combining their own expertise with best practices of our organization to create an approach which was new, effective, and felt like our own. IPG’s commitment to ongoing coaching and reinforcement is integral to their approach and a great benefit to us. Following the classroom sessions, IPG followed up to make sure that we had what we needed to conduct coaching and reinforcement sessions effectively. The people at IPG are professional and a pleasure to work with. They listened well, were adaptable in their approach as we went along and always put their clients’ needs first. After one year working with IPG, our Relationship Managers average production has risen 60%.”

Head of Sales and Marketing, PCS
Bank of New York

First National Bank of Santa Fe

“Prior to becoming the Training Director for First National Bank of Santa Fe, I worked for a bank on the east coast that implemented a sales training program created by Impact Performance Group. In over 25 years in banking, it was the best program I had ever seen. Never before had I seen a sales process combined with interpersonal skills that truly worked hand in hand. The participants loved it and learned so much. Naturally, in my new role, I wanted to have FNBSF employees benefit from such a dynamic program. We implemented the Sales and Service Process created by IPG here at our bank and the results have been amazing. Our cross sell ratios are much higher than previous months and everyone is speaking the lingo and involved in using the new process. Our entire company has been Impact Performance-ized! Working with IPG has not only been a pleasure, but a solid working relationship has been formed. We view IPG has a trusted partner. IPG took the time to understand who we are as a company and worked with us to create a process that was truly our own.”

Training Director
First National Bank of Santa Fe


“This program has been very beneficial to us. I’ve witnessed dozens of direct examples! It has helped keep a Manager from heading down the dismissal path too soon. It has helped us collect competitive intelligence, identify root causes that are fixable, and motivate individuals with productivity issues. This is an excellent program.”

Vice President, Corporate Risk & Training
CONTECH Construction Products Inc

Deutsche Bank

“Thank you to you and your team for the work that was delivered at the DWS Scudder National Sales Meeting. The feedback has been extremely positive and the DWS Scudder Product Challenge was a huge success. In fact, the Product Challenge exceeded our wildest expectations! Our work with your company to deliver sales process skills and targeted coaching has increased our Financial Advisor satisfaction as reported by Market Matrix by 14%.”

Asset Management Learning and Development
Deutsche Bank

“Impact Performance Group has been highly responsive and collaborative when working with us. They’ve delivered more than we expected because they strive for excellence, care about their customers, and deliver customized solutions aligned to our needs faster than their competition.”

Executive Vice President
Regions Bank

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