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Our Solutions are

  • Comprehensive
  • Customized
  • Customer-Focused
  • Engaging
  • Innovative
  • Relevant
  • Powerful
  • Interactive
  • Creative
  • Fun

IPG Suite of Solutions

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    Sales Solutions

    • Consultative Selling Skills
    • Building Business Through Referrals
    • High Performance Selling Skills
    • High Impact Presentation Skills
    • High Performance Prospecting
    • Advanced Selling Strategies
    • Sales Process Mapping
    • Negotiating Skills


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    Service Solutions

    • High Performance Service Skills

    • Building Customer Relationships

    • Customer Treatment Skills

    • Service Process Mapping

    • High Performance Service & Sales


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    Leadership & Coaching

    • High Performance Coaching
    • Interpersonal Leadership Skills
    • Advanced Coaching Strategies
    • High Performance Interviewing
    • Coaching Process Mapping
    • Team Building
    • Coaching Reinforcement


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Upcoming Facilitating Appreciative Inquiry Training (FAIT)

November 4-6 in Burlington, VT

Learn to confidently facilitate meetings and workshops with your teams or clients using Appreciative Inquiry. Developed and taught by Mary Jane Dieter and Liz Corcoran, this 3-day course will teach you essential facilitation skills for conducting successful Appreciative Inquiry workshops to create dynamic positive change in your or your client’s teams, organizations, and communities. Training is limited to 10 to maximize small group experiential learning.

Sales Solutions

The right focus helps drive the right results. IPG’s sales solutions provide the strategies and skills needed to meet and then exceed goals – and client expectations.

Consultative Selling Skills

A 2-day program designed to improve sales professionals’ performance with customers by employing a customer-focused strategy. The Consultative Selling Skills program leverages proven best practices to differentiate your sales force.

High Impact Presentation Skills

A 2-day program for professionals to enhance their presentation skills. Participants will learn how to develop compelling, dynamic presentations that strengthen audience understanding and inspire action.

Sales Process Mapping

Organizational leaders and IPG executives collaborate to synthesize the organization’s strategic objectives and sales best practices to develop a living, breathing sales process model that is intuitive, easy to execute, and repeatable.

Building Business Through Referrals

A 1-day program that will result in participants’ increased ability and proficiency in asking for and successfully obtaining referrals through a consistent, value-added approach that enhances your organization’s image.

High Performance Prospecting Skills

A 1-day program that offers a comprehensive approach to improve your sales force’s prospecting strategy. Your organization will achieve long-term success through your team understanding the value of continually reaching out to potential clients.

Negotiating Skills

A 2-day program to equip your sales force with the tools, strategies, and communication skills needed to negotiate more effectively. Participants will learn to develop stronger customer relationships by focusing on mutually beneficial solutions.

High Performance Selling Skills

A 2-day program that empowers sales professionals with the skills needed to determine high-potential sales opportunities, gain an in-depth understanding of the customer’s situation, and secure the sale while strengthening the relationship.

Advanced Selling Strategies

A 1-day program for experienced sales professionals. Through the use of high-impact statements, participants will learn to capture decision makers’ interest and attention, and demonstrate the value of continuing the conversation.

Service Solutions

Meeting expectations is no longer enough to build profitable client relationships. IPG’s service solutions equip your service professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to delight customers and give your organization a competitive edge.

High Performance Service Skills

A 1-day program to empower service professionals with the communication skills and strategies needed to differentiate your organization, ensure customer loyalty and future business, and exceed customer expectations.

Service Process Mapping

Organizational leaders and IPG executives collaborate to synthesize the organization’s strategic objectives and service best practices to develop a living, breathing service process model that is intuitive, easy to execute, and repeatable.

Building Customer Relationships

A 2-day program for service professionals to learn the key strategies for developing deeper relationships with clients, and to acquire the skills necessary to achieve effective and streamlined communication with clients – and internal colleagues.

High Performance Service & Sales

A 2-day program for service and sales professionals to collaboratively strengthen customer relationships. Participants will learn to build customer satisfaction and increase sales by seeking new opportunities to help customers.

Customer Treatment Skills

A 2-day program that offers service professionals a comprehensive approach to enhancing the customer experience and improving relationships. Participants will learn how to effectively guide customer interactions to positive conclusions.

Leadership & Coaching

Effective leadership and ongoing coaching is critical to the success of any initiative. IPG’s leadership and coaching solutions offer the framework and skills for bringing about–and sustaining–positive changes throughout the organization.

High Performance Coaching

A 2-day program to develop your organization’s management team. Managers will learn the key strategies, techniques, and skills needed to identify and address gaps in team performance and ensure long-term organizational success.

High Performance Interviewing

A 1-day program to provide managers and professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to conduct professional, productive interviews that result in the best selection decisions for both the candidate and the organization.

Coaching Reinforcement

Coaching Reinforcement is essential for the ongoing success of any initiative. IPG has a variety of coaching sustainment offerings, including Coach-the-Coach calls, Coaching 2.0, Individual Coaching, and Real-Time Coaching.

Interpersonal Leadership Skills

A 1-day program for leaders of all levels to learn how to proactively address difficult situations, improve individual and team performance through greater self-awareness, and effectively and appropriately adapt leadership styles to changing situations.

Coaching Process Mapping

Organizational leaders and IPG executives collaborate to synthesize the organization’s strategic objectives and coaching best practices to develop a living, breathing coaching process model that is intuitive, easy to execute, and repeatable.

Advanced Coaching Strategies

A 2-day program for experienced managers to learn how to analyze the root cause, establish coaching tracks, and assist with overcoming obstacles that are blocking team members from moving to the next level of performance.

Team Building

A 1-day program designed to help teams achieve greater levels of efficiency and effectiveness by improving communication and collaboration among team members, and by establishing a common purpose through a team charter.